Vintage Pale Ale

We could write all day about this whale of a pale ale. How it’s complex, and yet crushable, the beer you want to go back for again and again. In fact, our neighbour gave it his highest praise when he sipped and then said, “I don’t hate it.” Yeah. He said that. And he was right — this beer ain’t no drain pour, that’s for sure. This pale ale is fresh. It’s clean. It’s got a crispness to it, with a juicy feel in your mouth, and just the right touch of hoppiness. Can we say it’s refreshing without sounding like a beer ad? Okay, it’s refreshing. This is a session pale ale that’s worthy of lining up at the front of your boneyard the morning after. Look, we could go on and on about this beer, but just like you, we’d rather be drinking it than talking about it. The bottom line: It’s just good beer.


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Malt character and sweetness is pretty bland, with a weak toasty note as the highlight. Finish is drying, with a lingering hop character and sourness that just doesn't seem right.